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Bindewerk Traditional Linen Books are beautifully hand made in Germany.


We carry a wide variety of Lamy products: from fountain pens to mechanical pencils.

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HWE Product Review: Bindewerk


In Defense of Paper

First Anniversary

First Anniversary One year ago, I helped Joe open HWE Stationery. I had always had dreams of owning my own shop, but never would  have imagined that it could happen. Joe always wanted to own a business, and is a person who gets things done. The first year of building our business has been full of challenges, and accomplishments.

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Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

I know this blog has been about my obsession with paper, and the ways I use it to bring joy and peace into my life. However, I want to write about my other great love, tableware. I own seven sets of tableware, that’s right seven! Four of the sets are fine China, and i’m willing to admit that may be an overabundance of tableware. But very little of what I own was purchased by me, so who really is to blame here?

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Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall Fall is best known as the season of endings; the end of the growing season, the end of summer and the end of long lazy days. For me, fall has always meant beginnings. Maybe it is the teacher in me, but spring has always brought endings, while fall brings a new year with new possibilities. I love the excitement of a new school year, new classes, new students and new school supplies. I love that my daughter shares the same excitement for a new year.

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