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I remember the first time I watched You’ve Got Mail. Beyond loving the sweet romance and kind characters; I loved that little shop. My mom always chose to shop small and it is part of how I was raised. However, it was not until after that movie that I realized how much I really wanted my own “Shop Around the Corner” and patronize local businesses. I wanted to be someone’s regular. 

The beautiful thing about shopping small is the knowledge you get about the items you are looking for. Need a book recommendation? Your local bookstore has plenty. Not sure what notebook is best for you? Your local stationery shop has used most of what they carry. Want to try some new ice cream flavors? Your local ice cream shop is always experimenting with flavors and samples all of them. Small business owners work tirelessly because they love what they carry and can often talk to you about each item as much as you need. 

Somewhat recently Joe and I went to the National Stationery Show. There we got to meet the artists that create the cards, notepads, and other items we carry. More than figuring out which new products to carry it was hard to figure out which small business I wanted to support. I had met so many kindred spirits in those two days and I want to support all of them. Not only are they creating great stationery products they are also sharing their loves and passions with everyone. I left that show with a new passion for what our own little shop is, a curated collection of stationery from small businesses that I love created by people that I want to support. 

Then the world became weird and people started staying home for the safety of everyone. Our first concern became our children, and families for their health and safety. Next we thought about our other baby, our shop, and the small businesses we help support. I went to social media, a necessity for any small business, and was in awe of what I saw. Small businesses everywhere were asking for help, asking to be remembered in these hard times. And I watched as business after business shared their online orders and thanked their customers. I am so grateful for this community of people Joe and I joined together. As we weather this storm and continue to work hard to keep this business going, Joe and I continue to hope to have our own brick and mortar shop one day. 

I am not sure where I am going with this blog post other than to express my gratitude and love for small businesses and the people who support them.




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