Clairefontaine My Essential notebooks: these notebooks are just the right size for a homework agenda. The dotted pages make drawing out months or weeks easy, or just write out homework assignments and due dates in bullet form.



Clairefontaine classic notebooks: these notebooks come in a wide variety of styles (clothbound, wirebound, hardcover, etc), colors, and sizes. Notebooks are made well and can take a beating. The paper is also high quality and will stand up to your favorite pens, highlighters, or markers.

Decomposition notebooks: these notebooks are a lot of fun. They come in both wirebound or clothbound and their uniques covers are bound to catch some attention.



Pilot G2: these pens come in 8 or 20 packs and have vibrant colors to help color code your notes.

Papermate Inkjoy: these colorful pens come in a pack of 13 or the quatro, which holds four colors in one pen making changing colors quick and easy.

Staedtler Ballpoints: these pens are a customer favorite for their vibrant colors, quality, and price. Only $4.99 for the ten pack.

Zebra Ballpoints: these pens are sold individually so you can create your own set. These come in fun vibrant colors and write smoothly.



Rhodia pencils: this wooden pencil is sturdy and the lead creates a nice dark line.

Worther Shorty Clutch: this clutch pencil comes in a variety of colors and is comfortable to hold. The thick lead creates a nice line and holds up to pressure.



Stabilo: these highlighters come in a variety of pack sizes including individual highlighters. The color options are vast and their small compact size makes carrying them easy and using them comfortable.

Pentel Handy Line S: these retractable highlighters are convenient to use one handed making highlighting during class easy.

Pentel 24/7: these highlighters come in traditional attention grabbing colors. They are long lasting and create strong vivid lines that will not bleed through most pages.




Sakura SumoGrip: these erasers get rid of marks easily and cleanly. They are sold individually or in three packs.

Pentel Hi-Polymer: this four pack of erasers come in fun colors and get rid of marks with little pressure and do not leave a huge mess behind.

Cavallini: these individual erasers are oversized for life’s many mistakes and are cute and fun to use.



Shorthand pouches: these cute pouches are sturdy and made in the USA. They come in two sizes, so you can choose the size that will fit your needs.