I love fresh starts, second chances, and new opportunities; that is part of the reason I love teaching so much. Every fall I get a new chance to start everything fresh, and every ten weeks the students get a fresh start with a new quarter. The biggest fresh start for me is New Years. My love for resolutions knows no bounds. I find so much comfort in admitting that I am flawed, and these are the steps I am taking to improve myself this year. Think about it...once a year we all get to be honest about our flaws, and are encouraged to make a plan to improve ourselves. No  judgements are made, as we all have a resolution to do something.

I find comfort in admitting that I am not perfect, and devising my plan to make me better. I fret over my resolutions for much of the fall. I am hard on myself, and  want to make sure that I have resolutions that will help me become my best self. After many years of having too many resolutions and goals, I have decided to have a few resolutions each year. One resolution for personal growth, one for self-improvement, and a hobby related goal. (Professional growth happens in September with the new school year.)

One of my goals this year is to be kinder to me. I do not treat myself as I would a friend, and it is about time I did. I am a good friend to others, as I try to be kind and forgiving. Yet when I “fall short” of perfection, I find it hard to forgive myself and I need, and am ready to. I want to notice what I do have more. I focus too much on what I am lacking, and what I wish I had, as well as what my neighbors have. Part of being kinder to me, is to appreciate what I do have because I have a lot. My hobby this year is to write more. I want to express myself honestly and creatively and hardest of all I want to share my writing with others.

To help reach my goals, I find it to be most helpful to have check-ins on my goals every few months. I am already an avid journaler and writing a check-in on my progress feels natural and is easy to do. I want to look back on my success as the year progresses and to find the lesson, or potential for growth, in the failures. I feel good about this year, and I want a kinder me to allow myself to enjoy it to its fullest.

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