Pilot Enso Hydrangea Plumix Calligraphy Pen Kit (Boxed Set) [Pilot] - Haapanen with Eskenas Stationery
$ 29.00 USD

The design of the Plumix Calligraphy pen was inspired by the “plume” or feather that was used to create early fountain and calligraphy pens. Combining these elegant lines with a transparent demonstrator barrel in vibrant colors, and paired with matching inks, the Pilot Enso Plumix Calligraphy Pen Sets are a unique way to add calligraphic flair and striking color to your writing. The finely crafted italic steel nib in 3 sizes enables you to create a range of thin side-strokes and wide down-strokes, letting you emulate italic scripts like Gothic and Uncial. The Plumix's transparent demonstrator body lets you admire the pen's inner workings and see how much ink is left.